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Blackjack – FAQs

How does live dealer blackjack work?

You log into the online casino and join a live dealer blackjack table. Players at the table will see a live video feed of the dealer (who is in charge). The dealer will also be in the room, sitting behind a real blackjack table. He or she will deal the cards just as a dealer at a live-based casino would, check your bets and react accordingly.

Where can I play live dealer blackjack?

Most online casinos which offer live dealer casino games provide live dealer blackjack games. Visit your most loved online casino and see if they have a live dealer section. If that’s the case, visit it and find out if they specifically offer blackjack games.

How does it compare to standard blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is quite close to standard blackjack (which is a live casino). The only difference here is that player is at home as well as betting via a computer. The dealer, and the other players at the table, can’t see you, and you will only see the dealer. That’s not all, and live dealer blackjack may only be available during a particular time frame every day or a few days every week – though it all depends on the online casino.

How many decks are used?

Since the online cash has different ways of detecting card counters, they are careful to use multiple decks of the card while also enforcing deck penetration, which as we all know is an act of reshuffling the cards at a certain point via the balcony. For instance, an online casino might instruct its live blackjack dealers to reshuffle a three-deck pile when they’ve already dealt through 60% of the bank. Meanwhile, the players don’t have any idea of how many deck s are used as well as when the deck penetration will occur.

Can I play on a mobile?

Of course, you can! You can play live dealer blackjack on a mobile-enabled device. Lots of online casinos allow live dealer games on their mobile version, though keep in mind that you’ll have an exciting experience only if you connect your mobile device to the reliable high-speed internet connection.

Do I have to download anything to play free games?

You can decide to play free games through an app, which will require a download, though you don’t have to if you like to go for mobile casinos through your web browser on mobile or play online via your web browser on your PC.

Are there free mobile blackjack games and apps

Yes! There are lots of ways to enjoy free blackjack on your mobile. Select one from a wide variety of mobile blackjack application or play online through your favourite mobile casino. Please take a closer look at our recommended free blackjack sites for the information on the best ones for mobile users.

How do I practice blackjack?

If you wish to practice blackjack, playing online blackjack for free can be a good start. It will help the players to develop unique strategies that work for them without the risk of losing any money.

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